What Your Neighbors Say About Us:

"Thank you for coming out as quickly as you did. Dave was exceptionally helpful and took extra time answering my questions."

—Susan M, The Woodlands

"I've never had any home contractor leave my house so spotless....thank you!!!!"

—Gwen, Conroe

"Last week, you sent Charles to do my A/C maintenance. His courtesy and thoroughness reminded me why I keep working with your company. Keep up the good work!"

—Dan, Spring

"We just had to have a new evaporator coils replaced in our 3 year old home, and used Airnow. David did a great job and was very professional. I just want to thank those on this forum that recommended them. In my opinion, that's what this forum is all about."
         -mrombs- Spring
"Great timing. I've been in the market for a reputable company to come out and check our a/c system to make sure it's running its best. Thanks for posting."
         -Mr23779, Spring
"Nice to see a good experience. Also it's a good reminder to check the filters again."
       -jeeplaw, Spring
"Perfect timing for your recommedation, momx2! Our A/C went out Friday, and after getting the runaround from another company, I called AirNow this morning. Charles came over right away and took care of the problem. He's very informative, conscientious and knowledgeable.We, too, highly recommend his service.
His phone number is 281-991-9992 or 281-998-0069"
        -Gracey, Houston
"I can't say enough good things about Charles. I highly recommend he and his company for any A/C work you might have. Charles is a class act. He's an honest and trustworthy gentleman.

He came out today to inspect our system. He took the time to explain everything in detail, answered all my annoying questions, and at no time did he act like it was an inconvenience. It was like I was his only customer for the day. Talk about service!

When it came time to go over the bill, he presented the information to me professionally and explained everything (again) in detail as to what he did and observations he made.

Everything was out in the open and I never once felt like he was padding the bottom line. He could have easily inflated the bill and charged me for things that didn't need to be done but instead offered easy-to-do homeowner tips as to how to help my unit run with better efficiency."
         -Mr23779, Spring 
"If you are looking for ANY air conditioning work...I strongly suggest calling Charles with AirNow. The guy is simply amazing.

You will not find a better company out there. Period. He is THAT good.

(I am in no way affiliated with Charles or AirNow. I just believe that you will be as satisfied as I have been with him.)

Hear from our satisfied customers in thier own voice what they think!"

          -Mr23779, Spring

"Another thumbs up for Airnow Services. Called at 7pm and got Charles straight away. He sent Dave round the following day.
Both units (Carrier, 4 yrs old) were leaking refrigerant badly (evaporator coils in the attic). Unfortunately they are the newer puron kind which cannot be recharged.
However Dave did some research and established they were under warranty so we only had to pay labor and gas. Warning, Puron is not cheap! Anyways Charles and Dave both came out on Good Friday and got us fixed.
They will be back this week to do another small job to help with a localized cooling issue upstairs."

          -Ian, Spring

"Our AC went our last night in the storm. I called at 9 p.m. and he was here before 8 a.m. this morning ... on the 4th of July Weekend! I can't say enough about his service and professionalism. I highly reccommend AIRNOW."

          -TexasTiger0352, Spring

"We were up since 3:30am sweating! I called at 5am, left a message. He called back at 5:30 am (after working til around midnight) He was here at 8am. That's what I call service. I have some friends who are still waiting from home warranties for a service call and are having to stay at friends houses because it's too hot. I understand what you are saying and it does suck to have to spend the money, but Charles at AIRNOW Services rocks! "

           -Cyndi, Spring

"Don't call John Moore. I called them friday afternoon and they charged $400 for a new capacitor. Wasn't sure if I got ripped off till I read the above posts. To make matters even worst, my a/c went out again the very next day after the capacitor replacement. I called them back and they said I needed a new motor in the outside box...$1400!!!

I sure wish I had heard about AIRNOW services before this had happened.

This is my first posting on this site but I do read it quite frequently. I appreciate all the helpful advice and information regarding our community.

A belated thanks to Tracy for all the work and info she provided regarding our water restrictions."
           -St Pals, Spring
"Dave came out first thing Monday morning after our entire unit went out. Because of his persistence and attention to detail, what originally was thought to be a bad circuit board, turned out to be just a faulty wire connection. Had he not taken the time to check everything, we likely would have replaced the board ($$$) and been stuck with the same original wire problem."

              -TScott1633, Spring

"AirNow to the Rescue Again
My air went out Tuesday evening around 8:00pm called Charles and by 10:00pm he was here replacing the defective part. Friday Dave came out and inspected my unit. They are both very friendly and professional, I was very pleased with their work."
            -gingersnap, Spring
"Why is it that on one of the hottest days of the year, my AC decides to stop working? I have called Charles with AirNow and Dave will be here when he is done with a job on FM 242. I will keep you guys updated as I know I will be satisfied. Funny how when I call AirNow and Charles answers right away I suddenly feel relief."
                  -Cyndi, Spring
"Dave with AirNow came out within 1 hr of my call. Diagnosed fan motor went out. He called and found out it was still under warranty by serial number. He left, drove to Tomball to pick up part and came back and installed and cleaned unit. I paid $299.00 plus tax. (Had it not been under warranty, I was looking at around $800.00) I think that was reasonable for his time...approx 11am-3:30ish. I am including drive time to Tomball. I am enjoying my cool temps tonight!"
                   -Cyndi, Spring
"Charles and Dave have worked on our unit before (our prior guy who we liked went out of business). I have to say they put customer's first and really went out of their way when servicing our unit. They are our go-to AC guys from now on!"
                   -dinojennie, Spring
"Here's another happy customer of Air Now. Fixed my AC within 2 hours after calling."
                     -AdWhis, Spring
"Today when it was well over 100 our A/C went out. I contacte AIRNOW Services at 8:30 PM hoping I could get someone out over the weekend, hopefully on Saturday. I spoke with the owner, Charles Simms. I asked if he could come tomorrow and he said he would come right over. Within 45 minutes he was at my house and had fixed my problem. Turns out he is involved in Boy Scouts and we know a lot of people in common.

This was by far the best experience that I have ever had in calling any type of repair service. I would HIGHLY recommend this company."
                     -momx2, Spring


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Texas Air Conditioning License # TACL A09991C
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